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… a twist of fate has changed this 25 year olds life.

Elly was diagnosed with stage 3 low grade Serous Carcinoma. A very rare form that only appears in 5% of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Elly has had surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible and will be starting rounds of Chemo in September. Unfortunately, the form of cancer that she has is so rare, there is not a lot of statistics on what does and does not work against it.

Although, chemo is not very effective on this type of cancer and Elly wants to be able to explore alternative cancer therapies as well as the conventional ones. 

Elly’s battle has just begun, and she is charging forward with strength, courage, grace and humour! 

(photo’s via Elly Mayday Official facebook:

5 weeks after surgery!!!

Swim Suit is from Sorella Swim it is gorgeous and was sent to me all the way from New York. Thank you so much!! I love the color and fit

O’Brien Films sent these over today from our Video shoot.

Model:Elly Mayday Official Fanpage)

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