Curve Appeal
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Thank you so much for submitting! While it is certainly not required, I would love it if you could include some form of weight or measurement information. I think it is so important for girls and women to have a realistic point of reference to look up to!

The hip measurement is a ‘low hip’ and should included the fullest part of your lower half including your bum.

Please note:
** Nothing NSFW- The blog was flagged as NSFW so this policy now includes NO LINGERIE (Swimsuits are fine).
** I wish I could post every submission but due to the sheer volume of submissions received not every submission is going to make it through.
** Due to the number of submissions there is quite a line, and the wait can be a week or more
**Please don’t feel bad if your submission doesn’t make it through, there are literally hundreds and hundreds that won’t, and it could be the smallest thing that makes the difference.
**If it’s been a few weeks and you don’t see your submission, please feel free to try again with a new photo! Sometimes it’s just I have too many photo’s that are really similar, or the photo quality is too poor (i.e. super fuzzy cell phone quality), or it was in lingerie which is no longer allowed.
**Try to keep it positive and respectful. Anything putting down any group of people will be deleted

Thanks again for your submission!
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